7 Things 2013 · Driver's License

Progress has been made

So, one of my 7 things to do for 2013 is trying to finally get around to get my driver’s license. I don’t know about your country but here in Sweden you need a permit to do so (I say it’s just a way to get the government to make more jobs). In order to get this permit you need to go online, answer 15 questions ensuring that you don’t have any diseases that can impact your driving or that you are not a drunk or drug addict. Then you pay them 220sek, that would be to pay for the person that check that I don’t have a criminal record and then press the approve button.

In addition to this, you need to have a optician to check your eyesight and sign a paper saying that, in my case, you need to have glasses on to drive. Since I know that I am blind, I think it should be enough that I just tick a box saying that I must have glasses. This is Sweden, we love our paperwork, thus today I made a trip to my optician.Optrician

Firstly, the assistant that I met when I first walked in turned out to have lived in New Zealand as well, so when the optician was late it didn’t matter that much. However, now I’m homesick for down under even more than I was before.

When the optician finally showed up, he kept telling me how nice my glasses were and how good I looked in them, he should! he helped me pick them out a few months ago.

It was nice to get out of the apartment and meet people, it gets kind of lonely when you are home by yourself all day cleaning (or sleeping, someone might have slept through the alarm this morning). Now I am back home, have done the online application for the permit to get a drives license so all I have to do now is put the paper from the optician in the mail.Application

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