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The dating game

Now I have been a member of a dating site for two days, and I feel a bit confused. I have had a whole bunch of visits (cool) some of them have been back twice even (?), so I must make a nice first impression.

Then they have this functionality called “flirt”;FlirtsWhat do I do with them? I mean, either they just say “flirt” or “you, I want to know more about”. If they want to get in touch with me, then why don’t they send me a message? Am I supposed to send them a message? Or should I send a flirt back if they seem to be ok? What is the point of the whole functionality?

There are six messages in my inbox, I don’t know if that is good or bad after two days? A couple of them is a bit weird, do I have to answer them? It feels a bit rude to just delete them. I mean, one of them tells me that my profile shows how nice and loving I am. Either that dude reads what he wants or I have failed completely in my introduction.

One of them just points out that we are the same age, and a quick question on how I’m doing today? Where is the effort? Or am I asking too much here? Another one just plainly asked how I am doing.

I have received one message where the guy seem to have read my profile, point out why he’s interested in it and ask to know more about me. He will be getting a message back, trouble being that it seems easier to write the blog then write about me to one specific person. I have decided to have it done before I go to bed tonight.

12 thoughts on “The dating game

  1. It’s the quickest way to meet horribly boring people. I think I set one up ages ago, just on one of the free sites. The messages I got we’re so dull. In the end I re-wrote my profile into a bit of a joke profile…. what was odd though, is that I started getting a dozen or so message a day after I changed it :S I would PM you the link but I don’t think I can do that on WordPress, it’ll probably come up as Spam or something. Hang on… Ill give it a go 🙂


    1. It worked, because I have a generous spam filter 🙂 It’s hysterical, I can see why you started to get messages, it shows that you don’t take life to serious.

      I think that some of the desperacy is shining through on many profiles, thus people stay away. You are right, there are quite a few boring messages received. Not everyone is born with the gift of writing so maybe a chance in real life will prove them to be more fun and interesting.

      Maybe I should just try and use wordpress as one big dating site, go through all the blogs writing about Malmö because they live here. Try to figure out if they are single and get them on a date. I mean, if I find their blogs interesting I should find the person behind the blog interesting too, right?


      1. That seems like good logic to me 🙂

        I suppose you’d probably still need some basic info that wordpress doesn’t provide…like age, sex, location?

        I’ve met some amazing women on here… but most live in a place called America… and according to my globe that’s quite a distance away from me 😦


        1. Well, you can usually figure out sex by there personal info, and if they don’t put in there where they are living you can usually tell by what they are blogging about. It will take a but more work than just signing up for a dating site, chances are that they are more interesting.

          America is far away, not as far away as it used to be with all the cheap flights going over there now a days. Heard that Norwegian flies real cheap 😉


                    1. We have a little warm spell at the moment, so it is actually a little bit over 0 degrees, pretty nice 🙂 No snow and freezing cold, which is always appreciated.

                      I am Swedish, so I take that compliment and keep it 🙂 Does that mean that my English wouldn’t be superb otherwise? 😉


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