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A crazy morning in IKEA

This morning at ten o’clock me and my friend met at the train station in order to jump on the bus to IKEA. Since I took the same train that I used to take when I was commuting it felt a bit strange, not only did I bring brekkie on the train, I also had to remind myself to get off before it hit the bridge to Denmark.BrekkieI have to say that Friday mornings are pretty good days to be there, not that many people. After an intense couple of hours I walked out with a lighter wallet and loads of new fun stuff for my home. I think my two favorite items are a bookshelf for my kitchen where I can put all my cookbooks (picture will come later when I have put it up) and these cozy pillows;PillowsI also got some more nice smelling candles, boxes that I can use to store something, a thermos to keep my coffee warm now when I am at home all day and need regular boosts. I also happened to be so lucky that there was a sale on my favorite candy, so now I have stocked up a bit.Purchases

For a while now I have been wanting a cute little glass jar to put all the bike keys I have lying around from all the stolen bikes I have had over the years, and I finally got my hands on one.Stolen bike keysAfter a nice and healthy lunch at all our fav hang out we went onwards to the Malmö Mosque for this years first New Thing of the week excursion. Well it was the first for me not my friend.

All in all it was nice to have company for the day since it gets a bit boring to be home by yourself during the days, we also managed to finish the night at a nicely heated out-door table with a glass of red wine and Miss T. A long and exiting day that is being ended on the couch.Evening

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