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The Malmö Mosque

Today one of my former colleagues and now fellow unemployed friends came over from Copenhagen for a visit. We started the day at IKEA (more about that later) and I was in time, even if it required two alarms, where one was a rock music station on maximum volume, to wake up. She then asked me if we could go to the Mosque in Malmö as there isn’t one in Copenhagen so it had been a while since she went, and hey! who am I to say no? Right there and then she sorted out my new thing this week, as I have never been to a Mosque before, not in Malmö and not anywhere else either.

It is a bit of a bus ride (if you ever want to go take bus 1 rather than 5) and a bit of a hike from the bus (because we took no 5), it is a pretty sight when you come over the hill though.MosqueIt took us another short while to find the entrance since it is surrounded by plenty of land, once we did find it and walked through the entrance of the Islamic center that is built together with the Mosque we were met by a pretty impressive inner yard.Inner YardFinding the entrance for women, it’s firstly shoes of and then time for her to get ready for prayer, and here I learn a bit about the Muslim faith; you need to wash your feet before your pray. In this Mosque they have built a pretty nice washroom to do just that;washing areaSince it was the first time in this Mosque, it needed some asking before we could find our way to the Women’s area, that had a really nice soft carpet – you don’t find that in Swedish churches (I happen to know because at my cousins daughters christening a couple of weeks ago I ended up sitting on the floor together with my oldest niece to see better);

Ladies area Carpet (2)

You get a pretty decent view from up there;InsideIt is different from the churches that I am used to, as there where a couple of men walking around downstairs reciting the Koran out loud. Churches have a tendency to be very quiet places where you (or one) sit and contemplate and praying is done out loud only during a sermon. You can still sense that it is a house of God for those who belive in God.

As my friend is from a region where the women is not required to be covered at all times, she carries her outfit in a beautiful little case and put it on when it’s time to pray;PrayerAnd here I can’t avoid but pointing out that if the purpose of the women covering herself is so that the men wont be distracted, then it doesn’t work on this girl. She becomes absolutely beautiful and radiant when she puts it on. You could see her joy in being in an actual Mosque and that praying is something that she enjoys rather than seeing as a chore (as I would), any man would definitely be distracted if he saw her!


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