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Welcome to my office

It’s the first Monday of 2013 and many people are returning to work, or just going to work as usual since it is Monday, not me though. Since I have already fallen in to the bad habit of changing my hours around, night to day and day to night, I don’t also want to fall in to the bad habit of sitting at home watching TV and playing FB games in my sweatpants. Thus, I have today made myself head to the public library in order to stay clear from distraction at home and get around to apply for some jobs and other stuff that needs to be done.View from the office

Of course I didn’t leave home without my new thermos filled with coffee, and my beloved PC (downside with Facebook games is that they come with you when you bring your PC, I just have to stay strong.My officeI’m not alone here at the library, it’s filled with students and I was lucky that I got a seat. What I don’t understand is how all of them can have fancier computers than me, aren’t students supposed to be poor?

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