My office for today

It’s train time again, this is about how long I managed to stick around home by myself, and figured that if I jump on the train today, early enough, then I could go with mother dearest to pick up my nieces at daycare this afternoon.

I have to say, getting out of bed in time for the 11:08 train is though for someone who has changed night into day and day into nigh, I did manage it with a couple of alarm clocks and the reminder of my nieces, the things you do for them. The main problem was that I never got around to pack last night and had to squeeze that into the schedule this morning.

I already know about two things that I forgot, the first one being my mothers suitcase that I borrowed at christmas in order to get my Christmas gifts home. That is fine, I will just bring it the next time! The second thing that I forgot was the food that I decided to bring home since it would just expire otherwise. That food is in a bag in my hallway, not looking forward to much coming back home for that on. I did remember to take out the garbage before I left!

The walk to the station had to be a brisk one and I worked up a sweat so I really hope that no one will come and want to sit down next to me, think I’m in need of a shower and wont be able to do so for the next three hours and then some. For karma’s sake, I will here apologize to all my fellow travelers for any inconvenience this might cause.

Anyhow, here is a nice picture of my office for today, the power on the trains still haven’t been fixed, and by the sound of it, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. My office (2)I’ll just have to get used to only having access to my PC for about an hour each trip, I guess it is a good exercise in becoming less dependent on technology and go back to appreciating the good things in life, like a good book or like today; I brought some cross-stitching to do!

It is Wednesday and we are talking about the 11:08 train, there isn’t that many people on it and I could have guessed that before getting on. I still spoil myself with a 1st class ticket! And today I had it to myself when I first got on, so I could get a picture of my luxurious surroundings for you.1st classLets hope that the train jinx stay away and that I have a smooth ride up to Gotham, even knowing when I say that, in Helsingborg we have to change trains.

Oh well, I have spent the past day thinking over things, and I belive that I’m taking life a tiny bit too serious and have decided to make a real effort in chillin out a bit. Right now I don’t have to work, so how about trying to enjoy the time off and just have fun, not worry about everything or complaining about being bored!

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