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Thursday Office

Wow, am I posting the most interesting posts at the moment, or what?!? Today I set up shop at my mother’s kitchen table. I was considering trying to find some nice cafe or so in the neighborhood then mother dearest went for lunch and will be away for a couple of hours so I figured, why not enjoy the apartment?The office

One of the good things about going home to the parents is that my mother has a tad bit more disciplined than me, wisdom in years I guess, so she sets her alarm and get up to her studies in the morning. Which mean that I get up a bit earlier than I would have when I’m home by myself. The worst thing you can do when home and unemployed is to sleep in half the day, at one point you will go back to work and then it will be though!

So I managed a nice morning today, getting up a bit after nine, having a cup of coffee and then take a nice long bath. With me in the bath I had pretty much the only “woman’s” magazine that I read. Usually I don’t enjoy them too much because there are too much advertising and fashion, this one is a nice mix of articles, fashion and random facts. For those who can read Danish, it’s called Eurowoman and I can highly recommend it. The one thing that I just can’t agree with is shopping on a budget where each part is less than a 1000dkk, if you give me the whole outfit for less than a 1000 then I’m on-board!

Today it was funny as I reached the end and they actually had a short article on travel to Gotham City! Just one of those coincidences.Gotham article

I guess I am procrastinating now, writing this instead of doing stuff that I should be doing, I mean, I haven’t even managed to put anything on my to-do list yet and I am sure that there are things that needs to be done.To-do list

Fun fact of the day, it’s only 1 month left for my birthday, so I should start planning my party. I’m turning double 3, thus I think that a party with a theme of 3 should be in place. Just have to find suitable location for it.

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