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An employee on one of the bigger crap evening papers have had enough of consumerism and have decided to not play the game during 2013. It is an interesting concept and I am looking forward to following the progress of the same, however I have some queries as to what consumerism really includes.

For those who understand Swedish, or can be bothered google translating several tweets, the way to keep up is #shopstop13. There is no blog, there will be articles in the paper through out the year, for me the information flow is a bit to low (might be me having too much spare time).

She stated that she will only purchase foodstuffs, fuel and transportation during the year, already here I had to pose the question;Shopstop13

Does foodstuffs include alcohol? What about make-up? It would be interesting with a list!

That was last night, and now I have even more questions; what about restaurants? Is going out for dinner equal being a slave to consumerism? The morning paper? Buying a book that seem interesting?

For those who know me, I am keen to try this. Not for a year but for a month, that would be aligned with my challenges in the past. I also guess that it would be very similar to living on a student budget, it’s just that I don’t really feel clear on the criteria for consumerism.

Where do I draw the line? Buying a chocolate bar at the grocery store for example, I would consider that being more of consumerism than going out for dinner. You don’t really need chocolate, dinner with friends is double good as you have to eat and spending time with your friends are great for your well-being.

I think February will be a shop stop month for me, just not sure how I will explain to the sister that she wont be getting a birthday present because I am to busy opposing our society.

How do you define consumerism?

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