Quality of Life

So much more fun than finding a Friday office

Before I went to bed last night I had some strange idea that I would take company with my mother this morning when she went to class. Then I would find a nice place to set up office before heading to the outskirts of Gotham where the people with children live, for lunch. This didn’t happen!

I might have been sitting up watching TV a tad late last night, I might not even heard my mother when she left this morning, and when the person with children send me a message telling me there was a snowstorm in the outskirts I might just have gone back to sleep.

As I woke up for real when my friend from the outskirts called to confirm that there will be no lunch, since the nice beautiful powder snow outside my window had snowed in her car, and she wasn’t in the mood to dig it out. There was also something about not wanting to drive slow, no fun! The lunch has been postponed for next week, and my lunch date today became my mother. I think she was procrastinating, as her class was over and she had studying to do.

Before throwing on some clothes and heading into town I did manage to send of a mail to the lady that had a hand in my last carrier (she hired me for a 6 week temp job at the big company where I just finished last month, it became almost a year as a “temp” before I was hired on to the company) to let her know that I was now available for temp jobs again.

Lunch was partaken at a place called The Golden Days where they have a pretty decent lunch buffet. It does bring back memories of the golden days going there, when I was younger it was a place where the 18 year old’s and there about would go for beer on a Friday or Saturday night. It felt a bit strange to sit there and eat a late lunch with all the retired people (guessing the people with jobs eat closer to twelve than one thirty).Lunch

After lunch my mother wanted to check out a cute little store that she had gone past on the bus a few times, and I said why not. The first thing I find when I walk in is a really cute and comfortable looking sweater. Looking at the price tag I was just about to put it back down, when I saw the 70% sale sign! Seriously! 70%! I now own that very same sweater!Sweater 1

Moving on, we stopped by my favorite store where they had 50% on most of the already 50% discounted items, and all of a sudden I had yet another sweater in my hands (that happened to be the same brand as my all-time favorite bags, good day indeed).Sweater 2

My last stop on the shopping trip was at the cellphone company, by extending my plan for another period I got a brand new toy for free! Joy!New Toy

Unfortunately, when I came home, I realized that this new toy needs a smaller SIM card than the one I have in my present phone, which mean that tomorrow I have to go back and make them give me one. Not sure how or if that will work, as I almost had to walk out of there without the phone today. It turned out that he wanted to send the damn thing to me, and since I don’t know when I’m going back home I found that to be a bit silly. I mean, if I wanted to pick up my phone at the post office I would have ordered one online not walked into their store. After me telling him it wasn’t acceptable at all, he “found one last one” in the back. Strange if you ask me.

Since today is Friday (impressed that I know the day of the week?) you also need to follow the tradition of “Fredagsmys”, directly translated this means Fridaycosy. This is where a family sit down in front of the telly with something like Taco dinner, and then chips and snacks afterwards. Our Fredagsmys was spent with daddy in his very own hospital room, and some wine and cheese watching Swedens favorite qameshow, På Spåret (On the track, a program that I will explain to you some other time). cheese and wine

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