Quality of Life

Sunday! Funday!

After another little sleep in I got on the bus and in to town to finally get a SIM card for my new phone that I got on Friday. The journey then brought me to the hospital for a quick visit with my dad, before I was of to my sister’s place, because Sunday happened to be my youngest nieces second birthday!

LinneaBoth my nieces are the apple of their aunties eye, and they both have me wrapped around their little finger. It’s perfect to hang out with them for short periods of time, and then leave them with their parents so that oneself can go home and rest.

Seriously people, where do kids that age get all their energy from? I don’t get it!

(Picture posted with permission from the little sweeties mother!)

It’s nice when you are invited to someones home, and all you have to do is sit down at the table, get real yum lasagna served (even if I could do without the mushrooms), a nice glass of wine and then finish the meal with helping the little monster to blow out the candles!The eveningA nice evening with family, even though there was one person missing. So after the party, mother, my sister and me got into the car and went back to dad for some quality family time!

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