Quality of Life

Quality time with best sister on the planet

Yesterday my sister took a half day at work and asked if I wanted to meet up and go to the Gothenburg museum of Art, who am I to say no?Lunch

We met for lunch at good old Espresso House before starting to make our way towards the museum. As we were waiting for the tram we thought, hmm, maybe we should go see a movie instead. Said and done we stopped by the closest movie theater and things have changed since we were young. The only movies showing in the middle of the day are the kids ones where everyone speaks Swedish (yes, even in Sweden some things do get dubbed).

Thus we continued our way towards the museum! As we walked up the steps we thought it looked very closed, and has we reached the door both of us remembered; All museums in Gothenburg are closed on Mondays! It’s always been like that, for as long as I can remember so I don’t know how on earth we could forget. The view from up there is pretty nice though;View from museumTrying to figure out plan B we decided to move towards the next and bigger movie theater with the hope that maybe they showed movies for grown-ups and now it wasn’t in the middle of the day anymore, it was a bit later. They didn’t!

That’s when this writer came up with the bestest idea ever! Pedicure! Said and done, we called up Mai Nail salon (they have one in Malmö as well, where I have been and was very satisfied with the result) and they said come right over.

For me, sitting in one of those massage chairs having someone taking care of my feet at giving them massage, is one of the best things ever!PedikyrYou can close your eyes and not think of anything and just enjoy! And I got a whole afternoon with just my sister. No kids, no mother, no husband! Those moments are rare and appreciated!

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