Quality of Life

The day after

Yesterday I went back home and didn’t want to spend the evening by myself. I do what any person that doesn’t want to be by themselves do, I messaged my friends, and boom, I had a date!

We went to this really cool place called the Brass Monkey, they sell the funniest drinks;




They were good, we had a fun night and somethingmagical happened. Miss Legal, that usually doesn’t drink beer, not only had three of them (before the cocktail place) she actually finished the first one before me! It has never happened before, and it probably will never happen again. Thus I had to mention it here so it’s forever remembered!

It’s Sunday, it’s noon, I’m still on bed! I will most likely stay here all day! Nothing in life is for free and I’m paying for those drinks today! It was totally worth it though!!!

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