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Movie of the week – Jack Reacher

Last Thursday me and mother decided that it was a perfect night for the movies and at least I thought that some action were more preferable to a romantic comedy or something along those lines. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much from this movie, my hopes were for loads of explosions and fighting, just to keep my mind of things, boy was I wrong!Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise was surprisingly believable as Jack Reacher, the bum that lives nowhere and has no friends. Yes, there was some action but not the bom, bang, explosion kind; more of the slow, where is this going? kind of action. I can of course understand why they postponed the premier of this movie due to the school shooting and if you think that you will feel uncomfortable with that kind of violence (spoiler alert; they do not shoot children!) then don’t go see it.

The little more than two hours that the movie lasted just flew right by, even with disturbing neighbours that just had to talk through the movie. I’ve gotten so good at spotting them now a days, that I was able to warn my mother before hand that there would be talk.

If you have two hours to spend, and you are in the mood for a movie, I say go see it – if you are expecting charming Tom Cruise from Top Gun, you wont find him here. If you are looking forward to crazy muscle package Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible, you wont find him here either. You will meet Jack Reacher!

I can’t relive it though, I forgot to take a picture of my popcorn! I always take a picture of my popcorn! Next movie I will try to take two!!!

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