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Something new – Cafe Italia

I did have a new experience this week, however it wasn’t me actively making it happen so according to my mother I can’t use it, she also told me it was too macabre. Instead when I asked my sister if she wanted to meet for coffee and she suggested that we go to the Italian Cafe I agreed, even if the walk there is much longer than the closest cafe that I was hoping for. It doesn’t look like much from the outside to be honest;Outside (2)Once you get inside it improves straight away, it’s really cosy with a large menu and after some checking I found power outlets so one could go and sit with your computer and steal some power. I haven’t tested if it works and how long you can get away with it though.

They had several lunch specials that are more italian than my choice of dish for the day, a simple Salmon Salad that was absolutely yum!LunchAfter devouring the food I had to do the obligataire after food coffee, in this case cappuccino! It does put a smile on your face when not only does the beverage arrive in a very large shiny cup – it also have adorable little hearts on it.Coffee (2)You can’t really complain about the view from the window or the very cool walls on the inside either! I will definitely go back to this place, my new thing week 3 of 2013…now what to do week 4?View

The Wall

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