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The life of an unemployed bum

On Saturday I returned home after spending a very intense and life changing week in Gotham City. For my usual followers you know that I kick started my return with a night out with the girls, since then until this morning I have been a proper unemployed bum. Well Sunday went to being hangover (I am getting old and don’t really recover as quickly anymore), then Monday and Tuesday went to just chilling doing nothing really, which is nice sometimes. However life is knocking on my door and there are things that need to be done, and today I have slowly weened myself back on it.

Unfortunately, since I spent time with my nieces last week, I have come down with another cold from hell, so the breakfast of choice today looked like this;BrekkieYes people, that is a coffee and a round white something dissolved in water that makes all your aches and pains go away, far away. Before that I did manage to wake up before the alarm went of at nine, it was more around 7:30, which I find impressive for someone who has been a bit of a night owl lately.

Before hitting my first item on the agenda, which was hitting the bank that didn’t open until ten o’clock I managed to call and harass both my sister and my mother on the phone (none of them were that interested in talking to me), another phone call to the bank to see if I could get out of actually going there, and a load of laundry! Awesome!

The reason for the bank visit can be found here (and if you click the link to read it, please press like to spread the word) and even if it looked really bad when I walked in;Tweetit only took me 20 whole minutes to wait in line and get an account opened, not too bad!

Before meeting my favorite Latte Mum for glasses hunting and lunch I even managed to update the other blog about going to the bank and opening the account, it’s just amazing how I manage it all.

Todays lunch was partaken at Vapiano where they have a pizza called Brushetta, and seriously they manage to get it to taste like one large brushetta. And since I never really manage to eat a whole pizza I now have dinner for tonight as well, scooore!PizzaAfter spoiling ourselves with some Starbucks coffee I returned home and my couch where I have been trying to make the other blog look good after its move to WordPress, hung the laundry to dry and started another machine and now updating my blog.

I’m sitting here with a nice cup of tea trying to soothe my sore throat and catch up on the blogging that I haven’t been doing over the past few days, thus there is a slight risk that I will be spamming you guys with new posts in the near future. I hope that you have patience with me, and if you think there are to many of them you can always save a couple of them for a rainy day.

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