Life on a budget

My first month on a budget has come to an end

BudgetAnd it didn’t go that great to be honest, it didn’t go too bad either, it’s just that I did go into red. The good thing is that I know why I went into red! Firstly there was a visit to IKEA that I hadn’t planned for, and as I have found two more items that I would like to purchase I have added them to this months budget (and to the birthday wish list, so I might be a bit up on that budget item end of Feb).

Then there was the food, in my budget for January I only counted the food that I purchase in the grocery store, big mistake. Me and my friends go out and eat quite a bit, so that have to be included as well and has been moving forward.

Looking at the items that I put in the category “Other” is pretty funny though, as they pretty much almostOther match the negative balance, they total to 2456,75.  Looking at the items in there I have to say they are pretty valid things, like the visit to the doctors and penicillin that I had to buy due to it. There is also a post for a single evening at the Malmö Opera that I’m going to in a bit, the pedicure with my sisters and IKEA of course.

It’s funny that the amount of “other” match the balance so well, since I know that I have gone way over in some categories and way below in others. Those items have been adjusted for this month, and since I’m not to over-consume, I really should be able to hold my budget, or what say you?

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