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One feels a little bit like a ping-pong ball

It was that time again today, getting on the train for the three-hour ride between Gotham City and Malmö. It has been quite a few of them lately and I will be doing it again next week.Train

And in the spirit of my non-overconsum quest that is on going I brought some of the yoghurt that my mother got for her granddaughters (that they didn’t eat) with me on the train rather than purchasing anything from the food cart. The coffee however is free of charge when going on a fist class ticket (that might or might not be consumerism, I tend to hold it as quality of life, that could be discussed I guess).


Today the power on the computer ran out after 45 minutes, so after that I had to find other ways of entertaining myself, I did this by thinking out some new house rules. When you are not only unemployed but you also just lost your father, it’s easy to become a bit aimless, and that is what I feel that I have. So it’s time for action and get my stuff back together, one good thing that happened was that I was accepted to a uni course where I had been wait listed. It’s a full-time course and give me something to fill my days with.House rules

The ride did go smooth though, it hasn’t been that bad lately might be that dad had a little talk with the train gods and maybe my problems are over. It’s all about knowing the right people, right?!

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