A smooth ride

I’m starting to feel a little bit like a ping-pong ball, going back and forth between Malmö and Gothenburg and today it was time again. Not having to go during “normal” hours is quite nice as there are a bit fewer people around, both on stations and trains, choice of today was the train departing at 13:08.

It was a smooth ride, I was aming for the 14:08 train then realized that I was able to make the earlier one so a small rush for the station and no snacks brought though. Other than that, smooth and I only had to wait an hour for the food cart to arrive.LunchAnd since once again the train was out of power I had some time sitting down and think about stuff, while pretending to read one of my favorite mags, the monocle; and I might have come up with a new idea on something to do…more on this in a separate post!MonocleIt does feel like I’m starting to find my footing again though, and the future is on my mind a lot, what do I want to do? and where do I want to do it? Train rides do give you time to think and as soon as all the current events are over and done with I need to have a plan ready!

#shopstop13 · Life on a budget

What is consumerism?

In February I will, inspired by a Swedish journalist (tweeting with #shopstop13), not over-consume. I have to say that determining what is consumerism and what isn’t is harder than expected.

One of my 7 things to do for 2013 is living on a budget, and I can say that this far in January I haven’t done a very good job at it. The main reason for this is that my budget is off, I have underestimated in some places and overestimated in some, and some stuff just isn’t in there at all. Looking at what it is that I have bought this far, I realize that I have a task to determine what to allow myself during the month of February.Spending January this far

What I have done this far is to cancel my Gym membership, I haven’t been for I don’t know how long and since my Favorite Latte Mum told me today that she had cancelled hers, I knew there is no point of keeping mine. I pretty much only managed to go when we had agreed to meet. And seriously, having a membership in a gym that you never go to must be consumerism, right?

Something that I do spend plenty of money on, however getting something back for, is take-away coffees and eating out. I would say that take-away coffees and buying take-away because you are too lazy to cook; that is consumerism and have to go. Going out for dinner or lunch with friends and family, that I call quality of life and will be allowed (something I had forgotten to calculate for in my January budget).1. Coffee

Then it comes to those couple of beers after work, well I don’t work at the moment but my friends do! Are they consumerism or quality of life? That is a though one!Beer

I know for sure that the clothes are out, there is no way that I will have to buy any clothes in the month of February. I have too much of everything already so even if something breaks I will have something else I can wear instead, come rain, snow or heat wave – that has been taken out of the budget for February.

Going to the movies are something that I absolutely love, and in my budget I have four visits a month included. Is this consumerism or quality of life? I know that I can live without it, it’s not a must, however; how much fun would life be if there are only musts and no fun? The movies get to stay.

February also brings mine and my sisters birthdays, for mine I want to hold a party where I will purchase snacks and decorations – where does one draw the line for how much and what? For my sister I would like to buy here a birthday present, if I buy her something that she really needs can I then spend unlimited funds? If I want to buy something fun or goofy is this then consumerism and out-of-bounds? I will not go empty-handed to my sister on her birthday, I will however have to sit down and take a think about what I will bring.

Another love of mine is reading and there is a post in my budget for books and magazines, I also realize that I have a tendency to purchase new books even though I have books at home that I haven’t read yet. And I do think that even if I don’t do many other things to do but reading in February I still wont finish them all (they include Crime and Punishment amongst others), so books and magazines are out for the next month. I should probably make a rule for myself even in the future, it’s just that when I find a book that I find interesting I just feel that I have to get it straight away or I wont ever have it.

That became a very long blog post with a lot of text and questions in it. I have adjusted my budget a bit, however it’s more of the mindset rather than numbers in an excel sheet that needs to be adjusted. Keeping track of every penny one spends does make you think a bit more about what it is you are spending on though.


Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar, Sjukdomen – Jonas Gardell

This is the second book in the series of three books about the AIDS outbreak in Sweden in the early eighties. I have to say that I found this to be much better than the first one, it gripped me in a completely different way and it was hard to put away. You can notice that by the fact it took me a lot less time to get through it than the first.Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar IIIn this book the pain and suffering from the actual disease becomes more evident, and the pain from the people close to the sick people. Often when reading a book and you don’t really get in to it, most people choose not to read the following books. In this case I am happy that I did and it is a pain that we have to wait until fall to be able to read the third one. I don’t understand why they wait that long when they have already made a series of all three books and shown it on TV.

I haven’t heard anything about an english translation of the books, if you can read swedish though then read them! If nothing else it is a good reminder to why we all should have safe sex and use condoms!

Movie of the Week

Movie of the week – Jack Reacher

Last Thursday me and mother decided that it was a perfect night for the movies and at least I thought that some action were more preferable to a romantic comedy or something along those lines. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much from this movie, my hopes were for loads of explosions and fighting, just to keep my mind of things, boy was I wrong!Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise was surprisingly believable as Jack Reacher, the bum that lives nowhere and has no friends. Yes, there was some action but not the bom, bang, explosion kind; more of the slow, where is this going? kind of action. I can of course understand why they postponed the premier of this movie due to the school shooting and if you think that you will feel uncomfortable with that kind of violence (spoiler alert; they do not shoot children!) then don’t go see it.

The little more than two hours that the movie lasted just flew right by, even with disturbing neighbours that just had to talk through the movie. I’ve gotten so good at spotting them now a days, that I was able to warn my mother before hand that there would be talk.

If you have two hours to spend, and you are in the mood for a movie, I say go see it – if you are expecting charming Tom Cruise from Top Gun, you wont find him here. If you are looking forward to crazy muscle package Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible, you wont find him here either. You will meet Jack Reacher!

I can’t relive it though, I forgot to take a picture of my popcorn! I always take a picture of my popcorn! Next movie I will try to take two!!!

Life In General · New Thing of the Week

Something new – Cafe Italia

I did have a new experience this week, however it wasn’t me actively making it happen so according to my mother I can’t use it, she also told me it was too macabre. Instead when I asked my sister if she wanted to meet for coffee and she suggested that we go to the Italian Cafe I agreed, even if the walk there is much longer than the closest cafe that I was hoping for. It doesn’t look like much from the outside to be honest;Outside (2)Once you get inside it improves straight away, it’s really cosy with a large menu and after some checking I found power outlets so one could go and sit with your computer and steal some power. I haven’t tested if it works and how long you can get away with it though.

They had several lunch specials that are more italian than my choice of dish for the day, a simple Salmon Salad that was absolutely yum!LunchAfter devouring the food I had to do the obligataire after food coffee, in this case cappuccino! It does put a smile on your face when not only does the beverage arrive in a very large shiny cup – it also have adorable little hearts on it.Coffee (2)You can’t really complain about the view from the window or the very cool walls on the inside either! I will definitely go back to this place, my new thing week 3 of 2013…now what to do week 4?View

The Wall

Absolutely Nothing

The life of an unemployed bum

On Saturday I returned home after spending a very intense and life changing week in Gotham City. For my usual followers you know that I kick started my return with a night out with the girls, since then until this morning I have been a proper unemployed bum. Well Sunday went to being hangover (I am getting old and don’t really recover as quickly anymore), then Monday and Tuesday went to just chilling doing nothing really, which is nice sometimes. However life is knocking on my door and there are things that need to be done, and today I have slowly weened myself back on it.

Unfortunately, since I spent time with my nieces last week, I have come down with another cold from hell, so the breakfast of choice today looked like this;BrekkieYes people, that is a coffee and a round white something dissolved in water that makes all your aches and pains go away, far away. Before that I did manage to wake up before the alarm went of at nine, it was more around 7:30, which I find impressive for someone who has been a bit of a night owl lately.

Before hitting my first item on the agenda, which was hitting the bank that didn’t open until ten o’clock I managed to call and harass both my sister and my mother on the phone (none of them were that interested in talking to me), another phone call to the bank to see if I could get out of actually going there, and a load of laundry! Awesome!

The reason for the bank visit can be found here (and if you click the link to read it, please press like to spread the word) and even if it looked really bad when I walked in;Tweetit only took me 20 whole minutes to wait in line and get an account opened, not too bad!

Before meeting my favorite Latte Mum for glasses hunting and lunch I even managed to update the other blog about going to the bank and opening the account, it’s just amazing how I manage it all.

Todays lunch was partaken at Vapiano where they have a pizza called Brushetta, and seriously they manage to get it to taste like one large brushetta. And since I never really manage to eat a whole pizza I now have dinner for tonight as well, scooore!PizzaAfter spoiling ourselves with some Starbucks coffee I returned home and my couch where I have been trying to make the other blog look good after its move to WordPress, hung the laundry to dry and started another machine and now updating my blog.

I’m sitting here with a nice cup of tea trying to soothe my sore throat and catch up on the blogging that I haven’t been doing over the past few days, thus there is a slight risk that I will be spamming you guys with new posts in the near future. I hope that you have patience with me, and if you think there are to many of them you can always save a couple of them for a rainy day.

Quality of Life

The day after

Yesterday I went back home and didn’t want to spend the evening by myself. I do what any person that doesn’t want to be by themselves do, I messaged my friends, and boom, I had a date!

We went to this really cool place called the Brass Monkey, they sell the funniest drinks;




They were good, we had a fun night and somethingmagical happened. Miss Legal, that usually doesn’t drink beer, not only had three of them (before the cocktail place) she actually finished the first one before me! It has never happened before, and it probably will never happen again. Thus I had to mention it here so it’s forever remembered!

It’s Sunday, it’s noon, I’m still on bed! I will most likely stay here all day! Nothing in life is for free and I’m paying for those drinks today! It was totally worth it though!!!