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Two hours to go!

The computer ran dry on power a while back so I have now moved towards killing the phone battery. I’m trying to listen to radio while entertaining myself with Japanese puzzles.


Reception on both normal fm radio and internet based radio apps are leaving much to be wished for.

I also forgot to pack a picnic for the trip and are starting to get both hungry and grumpy, with no sign of a food cart.

This is gonna be two long hours I think!

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I know I said I wouldn’t…but!

On the train to Gotham again, after the last trip I said it would take a loooong time before I did it again, however;

I forgot the part where we still have to put my dad in the ground. There is also my plastic cousin’s 40 birthday, and I want to attend the party.

So now I’m on yet another power-less train, watching Veronica Mars until the computer dies.


I can’t believe how many people are taking the train north at two o’clock on a Thursday – even the first class is packed.

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New furnitures

My niece was very helpful this weekend, and managed to help me put my new livingroom table together. I have to admit that I was impressed with her skills, and I would say that 50% of the work was done by her.Livingroom tableI am extremely happy with the table, sometimes it’s hard when you are in the store to see if it will fit or not, this one was a perfect match and I am very happy that there was birthday money for it. Thank you very best mother dearest! (There will be a matching TV bench put together sometime in the near future as well)

My sister was also being helpful when it came to furniture, as she helped me carry my old kitchen table down to my basement so that I finally can put the new one together. What would one do without a little help from the family? I know that my sister and her daughter are welcome back whenever they want!

I absolutely love this table since it’s perfect for my tiny kitchen. It folds down on both sides, so I can decide how big of a table I want or even if I want a table at all. The middle piece becomes a nice shelf with loads of storage room! I been waiting for a long time to be able to set this up.Table up Table down

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The birthday gift that just keep on giving!

On my birthday my auntie gave me a scratchy that turned out to have a win on it, the win was the amount for three more scratchy’s so rather than cash out I got three new ones;ThreeTwo of them had even more winnings on them, a new scratchy each, so tomorrow I will go and get two new ones. Thanks for that auntie, lets see how long we can get this birthday gift going!Two

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The road to Eurovision

This weekend my sister drove down from Gotham city together with her oldest daughter for some girly time. We joined three of her friends are their daughters (well, one of them only has one kid, he’s a boy, he stayed home (might also have had something to do with his age)). The big event was the rehearsal for this weeks semi final in the Swedish selection for the Eurovision song contest.

I know that some people who drop by and read this blog are from far-away countries and you might not have a clue what the Eurovision is, to make a long story short; Europe is competing in music, each country send one song, we vote and by the end there is a winner. Last year this winner was Sweden, this year it won’t be!

Any how, back to the day! We started with the perfect lunch when you are of for a big event, just the girls. Yes, you guessed it!Lunch

Once lunch was completed we made our way into the arena where the show was to take place. During all my years I have never been to an actual Melodifestival show, only seen them on TV. I think I was as excited about the whole thing as my five-year old niece!

1. The ArenaThe Stage2. The stageView from our awesome seats3. The hostsHosts making fun of Sweden4. La CamillaLa Camilla looking cool5. FireFire in the hall!6. high fiveTwo little girls wanting to high-five the heart breaker7. The girl favThe girl favorite – loads of screaming8. AlcazarThis is how close we were to Alcazar

After the show, me, sister and adorable little niece went for dinner at TGI Fridays, where the nice waiter gave all three of us a balloon each.BalloonMe and my sister had a very grown-up glass of wine, me with some real yummy Baby Back Ribs, one thing is for sure; you never leave TGI’s hungry. We did however leave with a sign from the beast!WineDinnerBill

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The big doubble 3 – round 2

This Wednesday I managed to drag some of my friends to one of my favorite restaurants A Hereford Beefstouw, some of them seemed to be too busy traveling in places like India, Qatar and the likes. I did survive without their attendance, are looking forward to round 3 though as I was promised a bucket of Qatar sand (I will hold Mr Balloon to that one). While waiting for that pressie, I just have to enjoy this bottle of pink bubbly that the beautiful Miss Legal gave me 🙂BubblyAfter spending the whole day playing with a small child I was super hungry and I accidentally showed all the food into my little tummy before remembering to take a picture.Empty plateBefore we left the restaurant (it felt like we were the last ones there) we did have a cup of java, and that one I remembered to take a cool little photo of, amazing isn’t it!?!CoffeeAfterwards a few of my girls came with for pink drinks, I understand that some people have to go to work even though I don’t, Miss Legal and Miss Paraguay did sacrifice some of their precious sleep to join in! Miss America joined as well, she, like me, could sleep in the day after so she joined a little bit longer. And wasn’t that fab, some young men in their early 20 gave us some attention. Nothing to complain about when you just turned double 3, now is it?Daqari

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My week as an au-pair

I have had a few false starts on posts this week, being an au-pair is though work and I have just been too tired to sit down and write anything closely interesting to read. So I figure I will give you a short run-down on the events.

I left you on Monday with a set of missing keys. On Tuesday I was a tad bit tired and it was a little bit harder to get out of bed, so I cheated a little bit and bought coffee on my way to the train. Here I need to point out (all in the name of consuming) that the coffee was purchased with my coffee card that already had money on it. Since I can’t really get that money back, I might as well spend it, right? I did however bring a yoghurt that I could eat on the train, so I’m sticking to some of my shoulds.

BrekkieAfter playing a bit with miss Kiddo and eating lunch, I made my way to my missing key hunt, going past the places I had visited the night before asking if they found them, I got my key back at the second place! Very nice indeed, now I keep an extra eye on those keys, not in the mood to lose them again! Since the little darling fell asleep as I was walking, I just kept walking. In total it ended up being about a two-hour walk, plenty of fresh air and exercise for me, which was exactly what I needed. I also managed to say hi to a couple of old colleagues as I dragged them out of the office for a part of the walk.

After lunch, I did some very advanced Lego building!LegoWednesday looked pretty much the same, now I started to get tired so no morning picture of coffee! It’s a very nice feeling when you haven’t been working for a couple of months, to not be perky enough to take pictures!

I was being a very proper Swedish au-pair this day, and made real swedish meatballs from scratch (mommy’s recipe of course). We were all so hungry that I took me a while to remember to take a picture, so half eaten lunch – here it comes;lunch

I had no need to go key chasing however a walk was still in its place. Since the little lady didn’t seem to want to sleep that much we went to the park, where I let her run free.In the parkShe did get tired after a while, and even though she didn’t want to sit in her trolley at first, she did fall asleep and another long walk with fresh air for me. It’s not until afterwards that I realized that I should have started Endomondo these two days, just to see how far I actually walked.

Thursday was a slow kid-watching day, as the girl’s dad was less inclined to work, so we were mostly just hanging about and then he had plans, so no walk and left-over lunch. Friday wasn’t overly exciting either, there was a walk, and there was Endomondo so I have the stats for at least one day;

WalkAll in all, it was a good week, with some potential new connections for the future. Me getting out of bed and the apartment everyday, which was one of my goals. I know now that I will never make a career out of babysitting children, you do not know until you tried though!