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It was an accident!

This afternoon my mother and me visited a local mall, the purpose was to have a picture of dad in a rather old-fashioned format made into a jpg as well as enjoy some luxurious coffee time. Unfortunately there are other venues at this mall, including a bookstore and a designer outlet-half price on sales price-kind of store! Thus two things happened;

One, I realized that the latest book in a series of books that I follow was now available and thus purchasable. I think that in my long rant about what consumerism really is, I found it excusable to still purchase books.Book

Secondly, I consumed! In the designer outlet-half price on sales price store there was this classic black jacket with the pretty brand of Filippa K. It’s one of those jackets that never really go out of style and it just happened to fit me perfectly and as I said, half price on sales price (that was 40%)! How can I not go for it?Jacket

I have to admit right here and now; I am a sucker that are totally drawn into the crazy world of consumerism!

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