Quality of Life

After rain comes sunshine

I survived Friday without too many tears and in a strange way it was nice to meet the old gang, the toughest part was to see how sad they were. Loads of people showed up to church and most of them decided to stay for the session afterwards as well, it’s nice to see that the person that meant so much to us also meant so much to so many people.View

The evening ended up around my mother’s kitchen table with the family, including a couple of aunts and cousins. It became an evening that was mixed with laughter and some sadness when we remembered and then smiles again. It’s was also impossible to have an evening without a sample of one of dads favorite beverages; whiskey.Whiskey

The morning after begun pretty much as it ended except for the exchange of alcohol with breakfast. It was my uncles birthday and that we celebrated with meeting up for breakfast. With children, teenagers, ladies in their best years and old people, the crowed gets noticeable and I hope that we didn’t scare of any potential breakfast guests from the cafe where we were sitting.Waffle

It was a great breakfast, and it felt a bit like a fresh start. We are all moving forward and onwards, continuing to enjoy life as one should.

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