Quality of Life

The big doubble 3 – round 1

I love my birthdays and I usually do my best in order to celebrate them properly and I will do my best also this year. I heard that you will not be able to finish mourning someone until you’ve done the year of firsts, I have now lived through my first birthday! It started as it should with a beautiful (because no one in my family is tone-deaf) song waking me up and some pressies to open in bed.

In the afternoon the family arrived for some, as usual pretty much, tacos and chocolate cake for dessert, with the family came the coolest bouquet of flowers seen in a looooooong time;Flowers

Even though a large part of the family had to return home, and some just couldn’t make it we still managed to set a long table;The Table (2)

And as usual I got pretty awesome birthday pressies, or what do you say about this watch? And the homemade (by my oldest niece) bracelet?Watch and braclet (2)

In addition to that, someone finally managed to find a pouch for my knitting needles, something that me and my sister (at least) have been looking for, for a long time – and nothing beat those flowers when I am an old knitting auntie, right!For knitting needlesI also very much appreciated my new cartoon, gift certificate for the movies, IKEA and the last one for several stores. Here my aunt tried to tell me that I should get a specific cook book so I can cook food for her out of it. I kindly told her that if you want specific books then you need to purchase them rather than giving me the option to purchase what ever I want!Cartoon and gift certificateSome of the most fun presents that you can get are the ones that you have been looking at, put away thinking you don’t really need them, and not really telling anyone that you want them. Like the nail polish that I got! It has iron powder in it and comes with a magnet that can make patterns. I looked at it in the store and promptly decided that it probably only be fun once of twice, and I am not supposed to over consume, so I put it back. It was the smallest present I received, and it was given to me by my smallest niece, and me and her dad had pretty fun playing with it (nail polish on my nails, him with the magnet)!Nail polish (2) Nail polish

All in all it was a good birthday, even if something was missing and the mood was like a rollercoaster, and hopefully there will be more to come as I have a dinner planned with friends in a week.

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