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The big doubble 3 – round 2

This Wednesday I managed to drag some of my friends to one of my favorite restaurants A Hereford Beefstouw, some of them seemed to be too busy traveling in places like India, Qatar and the likes. I did survive without their attendance, are looking forward to round 3 though as I was promised a bucket of Qatar sand (I will hold Mr Balloon to that one). While waiting for that pressie, I just have to enjoy this bottle of pink bubbly that the beautiful Miss Legal gave me 🙂BubblyAfter spending the whole day playing with a small child I was super hungry and I accidentally showed all the food into my little tummy before remembering to take a picture.Empty plateBefore we left the restaurant (it felt like we were the last ones there) we did have a cup of java, and that one I remembered to take a cool little photo of, amazing isn’t it!?!CoffeeAfterwards a few of my girls came with for pink drinks, I understand that some people have to go to work even though I don’t, Miss Legal and Miss Paraguay did sacrifice some of their precious sleep to join in! Miss America joined as well, she, like me, could sleep in the day after so she joined a little bit longer. And wasn’t that fab, some young men in their early 20 gave us some attention. Nothing to complain about when you just turned double 3, now is it?Daqari

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