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Passion for Mat

This weeks new adventure just happened to fall in my lap! I was sitting at home thinking about what I could do this week, and just took a quick look on my Facebook and saw a posting from one of the Gothenburg cafe’s that they would be represented at the food fair this weekend. The fair is a yearly event, I’m just not usually home at this specific time, so I haven’t attended before – perfect timing if you ask me.Eriksbergs Hallen med ram

The food fair is called Passion for Mat (mat being the Swedish word for food, so Passion for Food), and is being held in Eriksbergs Hallen in Gotham City. Apparently it used to be held in the center of town at the exhibition halls there, I can understand that they wanted to move it as this is a smaller more intimate location that is better suited for food.

First we planned to do it this Sunday, however both me and mum needed to get out of the house this afternoon and when we realized that we could have almost three hours with the food, we decided to go. And almost three hours was enough, here is a selection of what we saw and tried;

Oysters1. Oysters

Clams2. MusslesBeer that tasted very well together with Salmon sausageBeerCheeseCheesApple, rose pepper and Chili Jelly, looked better than it tastedMarmeladeSaucesSaucesAnd what would food be without wine?Wines

If you happen to be in the area I recommend you to stop by and enjoy all the lovely tasters of different types of food that they offer, also if you go there during the day there are chefs putting their skills on display.

After an afternoon like that, rest and couch time was the only way to go! Hope you enjoyed your Friday afternoon!

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