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7 things that I feel that I should be doing this week

You might wonder why I tell the world what I think I should be doing during the weeks, the answer is pretty simple – it’s just more likely that I get it done! For starters, I sit down and have a think about it, it’s not always that easy to think of seven things, and then by writing it down and tell you guys about it, I get an extra push to show that it has been done.

1. Having snacks in the freezer is the best, so this week I need to make a batch of my favorite snack, pirogues. It has been a while since I made some last and since I got a food processor for Christmas, they should be even better this time around.

2. They do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I do think it makes a difference if you eat something small rather than starting the day with coffee, so I will make another attempt on eating breakfast every day (and I do belive that it will make my mum happy).

3. It has started to feel a little bit like spring over the past few days, which mean that the last excuse for outdoor exercise is gone, thus it’s time to get back into it and go for at least one run this week. The park should be starting to look really pretty.

4. I have managed to take the first step in order to get a Swedish drivers license, and that is the official paper that says permit to practice driving. Now it’s time for the next step, and that is to drop by the driving school, check their prices and most likely sign-up so practice and studying can begin.

5. Having my sister and niece over for the weekend did force some progress on the tidiness on the apartment, so for this reason (yeah right) I invited some friends over for dinner on Saturday. At least one of them will most likely show up, so it’s time for even more cleaning and organizing, whoop, whoop!

6. A must is apply for work, and this week I really have to get going on this one! I won’t put a number on it, it’s more about making an effort every day of the week to find something that is interesting enough to apply for.

7. With all the stuff above, it doesn’t feel like this one is so much of a hard thing to do. However I will put it here anyhow; I need to leave the apartment at least once a day. It doesn’t have to be too advanced, just a short walk or something like that, just to get me of the couch.

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