Quality of Life

Full speed ahead

You know how it is when you start something new, you are 100% ready to go. This is how I am on Mondays with my 7 things to do lists, and so today. I started out with something that kind of could be a little bit like breakfast, according to Google translate it’s called rosehip soup, in Swedish it’s called Nyponsoppa and is supposed to be full of c-vitamins and other goodies.Monday brekkieAfter this very advanced breakfast, I contacted a large international company to let them know that I am looking for a job and to give them my CV. Who knows, they might have some interesting opportunities that aren’t updated on their webpage. I might need to admit that one of the reasons that I look to work at this specific company is because it’s fun to play with people’s prejudices, i.e. being able to answer this specific company name when someone ask me where I work and then see how they react as they will most likely assume that I’m doing something completely different.

I hope that made sense, I don’t want to write out the company name, especially not if I end up getting a job there.

WalkAfter hanging about the computer for a while, both me and mother dearest felt it was time for a walk. And yes, it is a bit easier to get around for one when you are two and push each other a little bit, it’s going to be interesting to see how many walks there will be when I get back home.

It wasn’t a very long walk it just took a very long time since we walked past the grocery store and then as we Muffinwere walking towards home, we decided to stop for a coffee. At this point we walked past where my aunt lives and her balcony door was open, so we gave her a call. Imagine the luck she was at home and joined as well, always nice with some family time (dear cousins don’t be to jealous that I get to hang with your mother rather than you).

The coffee also suited my plan for my March project, update will come on that later. I know that we are already in march, however I have good excuses for being a bit behind.

When we got back I slowly completed another job application, it only took me a couple of hours in total. According to the company you needed to expect thirty minutes, I just happened to take some breaks in between. Since now a days, all companies have their own data bases and don’t even ask for you to upload your CV, a seasoned job applicant like me spend too much time filling in the same information over and over again. I can’t remember which company it was, but they had an “Import from LinkedIn” button and that was highly appreciated since I spent a lot of time updating that profile.

The day has now come to an end, and I have managed three of the seven things that I set before me. The other four will have to wait until I return back south since they are dependent on me being in my own hometown, that will probably happen tomorrow or maybe on Wednesday, it is nice to be home with mother as company rather than being home alone.

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