A-cup-of-coffee-a-day · March

A nice challenge for March

Usually I challange myself in cutting down on spending, or working out, or doing other stuff, so I thought that for this month I deserve a nice one. This is some of the cups of coffee I have already posted on this blog;Coffee 4 Morning Coffee Coffee Morning Coffee Coffee at work 1. Coffee Morning coffee the last day Morning Coffee Coffee and Smoothie Coffee Irish CoffeeI figure that the challenge for March is called “A-cup-of-coffee-a-day”! I will take a picture of one of the coffee’s that I drink each day, and then publish them all. I already have pictures for the first four days, only 27 to go! Not sure how often I will post them, might be weekly or maybe just one post with all 31 of them at the end of the month. I must say that I am really looking forward to this one!

6 thoughts on “A nice challenge for March

    1. Thanks! I drink several cups of coffee a day, I think it’s called an addiction to be honest! I do appreciate them and they make pretty pictures. Some of them are at home though so need to remember to use different cups, sadly enough I think I might have more than 31 different ones.


      1. Well i drink quite a few cups of espresso and slow coffee as well each day, but if i’d start taking pictures of them they would all look alike. I am quite familiar with that addiction to coffee 😉


        1. So I guess it’s my bad habit of going places and pay expensive money for my coffees that makes it worth it. Or I will realize half-way that all my coffees look the same as well.


          1. I wouldn’t call it a bad habit, i would if i could but there’s not nearly enough decent places around that serve even half-decent coffee. Probably for the best too xD


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