#shopstop13 · 2013 Challenges · February

Non-consumer February…

Hahahahahahahaha! The joke of the year I think! I am obviously so deep into the consumerism that one month to take a break was way harder than I thought it would be. It might also be that my heart wasn’t really in it, I guess I like my consumer lifestyle, which might also be why I have a need for a job that can keep me with my so much-loved lifestyle.

I will say that I managed to stay within budget during February, despite tightening the rains due to non-consumerism and still splurging on a new jacket and some visits to McDonald’s (I can’t believe I did that to be honest), so I must have done something right!

You do take a step back and think about buying something one more time, and I hope that behaviour will stay with me, and the whole living on a budget thing will be on-going for the whole year!

My future little projects will not be about money I think, that is getting boring!

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