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Still steaming ahead

Second day of the week and I still seem to have some of the Monday energy left, so another fairly productive day has passed starting with something we call breakfast.

The wonder this morning was a dream yoghurt (the makers of the yoghurt is calling it that, not me), they do happen to be my favorite because they are a bit thicker than most yoghurt.Breakfast

After spending some time doing nothing in front of the computer it was time for lunch and lunch today became combined with the get out of the apartment as we took a slow walk to the sushi place, yum, yum!

Lunch Lunch (2)

After walking back I realized that it is time to return home, it is nice to hang out at mum’s place on the other hand it kind of feels like a tad bit like an escape from reality and that can not go on forever. So packing was in place and ride to the station for an exciting trip home (yeh right) where I managed to squeeze in a job application.View from the trainWhich means that for the second day in a row, I managed three out of the seven things on the list as well as moving myself to the location required to complete the other four! Fingers crossed that there is some energy left for tomorrow!

Now I’m sitting on the couch and am about to fall asleep, just trying to work up the energy to get ready for bed and dive into it.

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