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Still going strong!

Wednesday was so busy that I didn’t even have time to blog about it that much, pretty awesome!

I actually woke up before my alarm, without having a mother trying to sneak around and being not so quiet, even if I’m not working it is one of the best feelings ever.

Since I felt like the day would be an awesome laundry day, I took a trip down to the laundry room the first thing I did to book it and get some big loads done (this is at 9am). Imagine my surprise when I realize that 1) it’s available from 7am in the morning (really!?!) 2) someone is already using it, the 12 to 5 time slot was available though and was then booked for my convenience.

After all that, I sat down with my amazing, exciting and very complex, breakfast.BrekkieAfter that I did some cleaning up and preparing for the laundry and some Facebook gaming before heading of to have lunch with my favourite Latte Mum, perfect way to get out of the house. And this specific trip gave more fresh air than I could have expected so it was honored with its very own post, right here. It’s always nice with some quality time with a good friend, and yum food.FoodAfter lunch I finally got around to visit the laundry room in my building, pretty amazing isn’t it, I’ve lived here since 2009 and it finally happened. Just for your information, I do have a washing machine in my apartment so it’s not like I haven’t been doing laundry at all. This time I was washing sheets and towels so I figured it would be nice to be able to use the dryer.Laundry roomAnd the day didn’t end there, I got some more quality time with Miss T, so I really left the apartment on this beautiful Wednesday, nothing beats meeting up with a good friend over a glass of wine.WineThe wine did make me feel a bit sad though, and the thoughts where whirling around in my head. I have considered going for a long trip while being a paid unemployed, then everything with my dad happened and then I just kept on postponing it, the last excuse being that I wanted a job to come home to before I left. Silly really if you think about it, why sit around and wait for something to happen rather than just make it happen?

So with some genteel pushing from a friend of mine, I finally got around to booking the trip, being very lucky with flexible friends that don’t mind me letting them know on a Thursday that I am arriving on Sunday. The first stop will be Melbourne, Australia, and the weather seems just awful, don’t you think?Weather in MelbourneI am also hoping to be able to go over to Wellington in New Zealand to visit one of my friends there as well, since the trip haven’t been planned that well I still need to check with her what dates suits her the best. It also depends on how long the lovely Miss Melbourne put up with having me around.

I am seriously excited about going, I just don’t think that I have really understood that on Saturday morning I’m flying out of here for an extended vacation, it will be absolutely awesome though! Just waiting for my visa to Australia to come through. While I’m waiting for that, I should probably start digging out my summer clothes.

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