Down-under 2013

Take off

I managed to wake up before the alarm again today, probably due to the fear of sleeping in and missing the flight. It was good that I did as I made on earlier train than planned, at that was needed. Did have my yoghurt before I did anything else 🙂


It turned out that my Australian visa hadn’t gone through and I was forced to do a little mad dash to the ticket office to have them help me in sorting it out. It set me back dkk 250, I don’t care since all I want is to get on the plane.

My hopes for a Starbucks coffee with the farewell part was completely crushed when I was informed that boarding starts an hour before the flight leaves and closes 20 minutes before departure. This meant that I got about five minutes if farewell and I get to board the flight without having a single cup of coffee!

By the gate I also noticed several families with small noisy children, which doesn’t bode well for the flight to come.

Fun fact of the day, in the picture below you see a small backpack. When I went to the US last year, for a week, I only brought that one, now it’s my carry-on! I packed way to much clothes.

Well, time to turn of the phone, I hope there’s WiFi I’m Doha so I can give you an update on the first leg.

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