Down-under 2013

A few hours and six episodes of “the good wife” later

I have arrived at Doha international airport with about four and half hours to kill before boarding commence on my next flight.

The trip over was pretty pain free as the flight wasn’t fully booked and I had plenty of space, and when they start with handing out candy, who can complain?

Something to do while waiting for take-off and the snacks arrived.


And of course, in standard onboard fashion, the lunch followed pretty quickly thereafter.


For someone that is used to flying Qantas on this stretch I have to say that I prefer Qatar air! Only complaint might be that a lighter snack as we neared our destination would have been great, I was famished when we arrived.

Since there isn’t that much to choose from in this “waiting for the new airport to be completed” airport I went with something safe, a burger. I mean, the meat can’t be that much worse than what we are getting in Europe right now.


I cleaned the plate!

As the smoker I am, I have already identified the smoking areas and are sitting in one now before taking about ten slow walks around the terminal, the rather small terminal.

Once my flight makes the departure board I will hit my gate and cuddle up in a corner.

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