Posted in Down-under 2013

I won’t bore you guys just because I was bored

I mean there are limited amusements at an airport and four hours can feel like a very long time. There was duty free shopping, coffee, visits to the smoking room, sudoku and my favorite Japanese puzzle


I also went for a change in clothes, as you can see on this candy picture;


The background is now gray rather jean like the previous picture in an previous post!

Dinner was served pretty much straight away when we got up in the air. The second fish & potatoes dish wasn’t as good as the first one, I guess you can’t hit the jackpot every time.


I apologize for the possible shaky picture, this has been one of the most shaky, jumpy trip I’ve been on. My sleep this far have been constantly interrupted by it.

In between sleep I have of course watched several movies, isn’t that one of the main reason for a long-haul flight? The movies! Starting with Taken 2 (what on earth where they thinking?) moving forward with Aragon, which I kept falling asleep to an finally gave up on, I’m sure it’s an awesome movie. The highlight this far has been The perks of being a wallflower, I absolutely loved it!! I couldn’t help but squeeze a couple of classics in there too, Devil wears Pravda and currently The Notebook while waiting for yet another lunch/dinner to be served.


I think it was dinner, they were out of chicken, I got the vegetarian dumplings. They were impossible to spike on the fork, cut or chew. Good thing there’s these.


Just to finish this of before we hit the Melbourne gate, they were also showing a Take That concert, my flight was complete!


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