Down-under 2013

Monday morning in a different world

After being met at the airport late Sunday night I woke up this morning to strange sounds from birds I don’t know the name of. So different to the quietness of my apartment at home (not considering the aliens). Due to the time difference I woke up early enough to catch the last of the sunrise.


And I was up and about before the three-year old! How amazing is that!?!

One of the goals for this trip is to gain a little bit of the weight that I’ve lost over the past few months, and I think that with breakfasts like this I’m half way there…


No, I didn’t eat all the eggs!

The rest of the morning has been spent on catching up on the past four or so years, and all the sudden it’s nap time, the kid and missMelbourne is napping that is, I’m writing this and will get into my book.

This afternoon will be spent on shopping the things I forgot, like toothpaste and razors – the Scandinavian winter legs need to be sorted before being shown of to the Australian sun. Unfortunately all I forgot can’t be sorted with shopping, I realized on my way here that I forgot to clean out the fridge before I left!

So, miss T, those cheeses we spoke about will still be there when you get home from India and they will be fine. However, I guess the cucumber and clementines will be a bit over-ripe.

Had some quality lunch now, using the mall’s free WiFi to take care of the internet withdrawals I’ve been suffering from. Good thing I can’t play Facebook games on the phone!


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