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Lamb noodle salad

Since my host is so nice to me, taking me in on such short notice and doing her best thinking of things that we can do, I want to spoil her a bit. The best way I can think of spoiling a single mum with a three year-old son is to cook dinner.

Today she showed me a recipe from one of her cook books (that I’m so getting a copy of before I leave this country) which was a very easy to make noodle salad with lamb and veggies. Since I’m blogging from my phone and not a computer I’m making my life easy by posting in pictures.



Start by chopping all the veggies and cut the lamb into strips.


Boil water and put the noodles in a bowl, let it stand until they are soft.


Put chili oil in a pan and heat, add garlic and let it fry for a minute, then add the meat.


Once the meat is properly fried, add capsicum and snow peas.


Fry for another couple of minutes before adding soy, sweet chili sauce. Take the pan off the heat and toss in the noodles, peanuts and coriander leaves.

Mix it all together.


This is one of the simplest dishes I’ve done in a long time and it was super yummy, I will definitely cook it again and I’m pretty sure there will be more food cooked from the same book during my stay here.

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