Posted in Down-under 2013

An afternoon at the mall

For those of you that wonder about the several posts in one Go postings, that I’m doing at the moment, I will explain why; it’s all depending on when I walk into free WiFi. The posts are written as I go along, it’s just that they have to sit in my phone and wait until I can share them with the world.

I also write all of them on my phone, so I’m guessing there are more spelling errors than usual and I can’t control the layout in the same way as I can on a computer. I hope that you can accept my apology for the same and bear with me.


After a quick stop for am icy drink, the Celsius are in the high thirties at the moment, we took an exciting bus ride to the mall, to allow my shopping.



Other than getting all the stuff that I forgot to or could not pack (like the sunscreen I had at home, that expired in 2010) I got a pretty pare of flip-flops, or thongs as they call them down here.


We did manage to spend quite some time at the mall, even with the limited shopping. After another eventful bus ride back, everything is eventful together with someone that’s three, a quick stop at the grocery store and dinner the peace have now settled. The child is in bed, Australian Masterchef is on the telly and the couching has begun!

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