Down-under 2013

Day two in a different dimension

It’s only my second day however it feels like I’ve been here forever, and it’s amazing! This is the dimension where I eat fruit salad, toast and eggs for breakfast and drink tea before I hit the coffee.


I have to admit that it makes me feel better than the coffee and cigarette brekkie that I’m used to from home, and hopefully I manage to keep it up when I return home.

Today saw us taking a train and then a buss to take us to the leisure center.



Here we did some laps in the pool, only 250 meters, however that is a full quarter of what my September race is, I am feeling confident that I will be able to the full amount by then.

After the laps there was the time spent in the spa pool and sauna before a nice cup of coffee and a little scone, yummy and relaxing!


My host had to spend some time working as I got to enjoy the warm weather in the shade of beautiful trees, together with a good book.


Today’s lunch was partaken in yet another mall where I could satisfy my daily dosage of free WiFi together with my sushi.


And then some shopping of course, groceries for the evening’s dinner as well as a visit to one of the best secondhand shops I’ve ever been to.


The reason fir the stop was to see if I could find a copy of my hostess wonderful cookbook, unfortunately they didn’t so the chase for that one will continue. I did however find two quality books and a really nice pair of shoes.



After returning home and spoiling the little family with yet another dinner, it is now time for reading and chilling on the couch. The heat together with jetlag and active days do make you tired.

Tomorrow I’ll try and book my tickets to New Zealand so I can let my friends over there know when I’m coming. I should probably also look for a couple of jobs to apply for. That’s tomorrow though, now all I have to do is to decide which of my new quality books I want to read first. Over and out!

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