Down-under 2013

One week down

It took a week for the jetlag to pass so this morning I slept later than Mr Three-year-old and his mummy. Doesn’t mean that I slept half the day away though.

In line with my new habit I started the day with a well balanced brekkie.


Today followed by an additional slice of toast.


While I was eating Mr Three-year-old showcased the bling-bling he added to his little bike.



After a week of healthy eating, good sleeps and not a single drop of alcohol, I do feel energized and figured it was time to take these babies for a ride.


Since I can’t use the GPS, there’s no access to endomondo. I decided to just run and then turn back when it felt right, I saw this sign as a sign and made it my point of return.


Based on past experience I’m guessing that I ran about two k, will try and map it out later when I have WiFi the next time.

After cooling down from my run, having a nice shower, some downtime and leftover lunch (the soup from last night) I headed to my new favorite place to shop, savers. I have now stocked up on books so I have something to read this week.


Taking me and my books for a coffee I now have WiFi and managed to upload the last two posts in the wrong order, sorry about that folks! However I did manage to measure my run from this morning and I wasn’t that far off, the run was 2.4k’s and I am very pleased with myself.

I am sitting outside, trying to enjoy the fresh air.


However the weather has gotten a bit chilly over the last couple of days and the grey clouds are gathering.


So the plans are to head inside and see if I can find an arts supply shop, as I’m having cravings for painting. It needs to be fairly cheap though, I put myself on a 40 dollar a day budget because I spent a tad bit too much money over my first week here. Let’s see how that works out!

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