Posted in Down-under 2013

The day she left her camera at home

Let’s start with a picture, you might get it;


Yeps she had breakfast today again, that’s one week done! Pretty proud of myself.

Despite the cold, we have gone from high thirties to low tens, I decided to sit outside. As Mr Three-year-old’s mum wanted a little nap, he was outside with playing. For some reason very small branches magically fell down on the ground no one really knows how, especially not Mr Three-year-old. In an attempt to save them, we put them in a jar with water hoping they will grow roots so we can plant new trees.


When my lovely hostess woke up we started a nice walk towards my first ever car boot sale. Half way there I realized I had just made the biggest rookie mistake of all times, I forgot my phone i.e. my camera at home, so here come a short rundown of the day;

– Car boot sale where I had a nice Milo, got disappointed with the book selection and Mr Three-year-old realized he was good at mini golf.
– Lunch was a real proper fry-up, bacon, egg, sausage, the lot.
– Library where plane tickets for NZ were booked, two jobs applied for and three of my races paid for.

When I got back home the little family was enjoying their afternoon nap and I got started on the evenings dinner. For a cold rainy day nothing really beats a good, warm soup.


To earn my keep I don’t only cook I also build furniture. I managed to turn this;


Into this;


Now we are enjoying Downtown Abbey and when I feel a tad bit less lazy in a minute, I will go get the postcards I bought yesterday so I can finish writing them.

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