Down-under 2013

Second post for Monday day

I left my post at the cafe and started my tour of the mall at Target, one of my NZ friends wanted a pair of shoes from there. I’m very happy that not only did I manage to find the shoes she wanted, I also managed to leave the store without buying anything for myself, score!

The second shop I entered was to find presents for my nieces, I didn’t find what I was looking for, for them that is! I did find the art supplies I wanted, and to a good price as well.

All that shopping(!) was really though so I felt an ice tea was in place.


While sipping away on my lovely lemon & lychee tea I finished writing my postcards, finding all the addresses for the postcards as well as getting some help from Jamie on tonight’s dinner.

At this point I was on budget, after doing the grocery shopping I was still on budget, however, dear recipients of postcards; know that purchasing the stamps for those postcards pushed me over the limit! I hope you enjoyed it 😉

Going back home I had the house to myself, nice and troublesome. In order to commence dinner I had to beast the beast, a gas oven.


It took me a couple of days in the household to manage to light up the stove, another day or so to be able to handle the grill, it turns out that the oven did not follow the same logic. A loooong sms from my hostess later, I did get it started and dinner on the way.


The rest of the evening has been all about chillin with my book in front of the telly.

Another awesome day has come to an end in order for a new one to begin tomorrow.

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