Posted in Down-under 2013

I jinxed the weather!

This morning the fruit salad was exchanged for a nice blueberry smoothie, just to mix things up a little.


My plan to sit in the garden and paint today went out the window. The weather was so nice yesterday and I just assumed that it would be the same today, it was not to be. It’s windy like crazy outside and the rain is just waiting to fall.

Instead the morning has been spent in front of the telly together with my Japanese puzzles.

I have also spent some time thinking of alternative ways of making money, that is if I don’t find a job soon. Starting my own company is a valid option,maybe trying my hands on catering. We’ll see what happens.

After some leftover lunch I jumped on the bus and headed to my new favorite hangout, Gloria Jean’s for a cuppa.

And some WiFi of course, makes me feel connected to the rest of the world.

Then it became one of those afternoons, since I felt a bit stressed this morning about not having a job when I return home I figured I might as well head to the library to apply for some. As I reached the train station my train left the platform.


A lovely twenty minute wait for me. As I reached the library I was kindly informed that internet was down. The storm that is moving towards us seem to have a dislike to the internet, and has taken down the tower.

There was nothing for me to do really, other then getting the groceries for the evening meal and head back home. Crossing my fingers that I’ll make it home before the storm.

I did make it home before the storm and luckily the worst part of it bypassed us. Most of the evening was spent chillin in front of the telly with my Japanese puzzles.

I think I blame the moon for all of the weirdness of the day. I even forgot to take pictures of the dinner I cooked, spaghetti with mince, mommy’s recipe of course. Tomorrow should be a better day!

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