Posted in Down-under 2013

After rain come sunshine

The sun was shining when I woke up this morning, so I quickly chucked down two pieces of toast for breakfast in order to not miss out.


Then I finally got around to doing somethingI been wanting for days, paint!


I may or may not share the result with you guys, not sure if I like it yet.

The day continued with some errands that my hostess needed to run before sitting down for a super yum sushi lunch.


Then it was excursion tome again, we got on a local bus with a driver driving like a maniac through something called kangaroo grounds before we got of in a really quaint little village.

The village is placed right on the Yarra river and is surrounded by beautiful nature.

While Mr Three-year-old enjoyed the playground, I enjoyed a banana-blueberry muffin.



Then we walked down yo the river to feed the ducks.


On our way back to the bus, we stopped into a real proper candy store with candy from all over the world. No Swedish candy though.



We also had time to stop by an op-shop and I managed to procure the first pressie for the trip.

It’s a funny thing, being on vacation, how you can forget the days. I started talking about what to have for dinner and my hostess casually mentioned that we can just do fish n’ chip Friday. I was 100% sure it was Thursday!

However fish n’ chips it was.


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