Down-under 2013

Sunday Funday

In order to make up for Saturday’s rushed breakfast I made a big bowl of fruit salad this morning.


We all had a nice lazy Sunday morning before heading to a nice little food festival.


Where the had bands, wine testing and food demonstrations.


The first demonstration was three simple pasta dishes, and we got to try all three, so I figured my food for the day was all set.




However it turned out that the second demonstration was all about cakes and cupcakes. They were needing a volunteer and with the promise of a prize pack, I raised my hand, this is what I helped making;


And in the prize pack there was a couple of pens and two pretty water bottles.


Unfortunately I had to leave the sun, wine and song to stop by the library for some practical stuff, and then home to pretend to pack stuff for my trip to NZ. Luckily my hostess was nice enough to let me borrow a smaller bag and leave some of my stuff at her place, since I packed way to much.

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