Down-under 2013

The journey continues

This morning my alarm was set for six am and the taxi ordered for six thirty. I realize that I should be checking flight times a bit better when booking in the future. My hostess was nice enough to get up and make me some fruit salad to eat before I left.


One could have thought that traffic wouldn’t be that bad that early in the morning, think again! It went pretty smoothly until we was almost there, then it stopped! It took so long I started to get nervous about my check-in deadline.

I made it, and too sooth my precious nerves I spoilt myself with another coffee keep cup.


The flight was a smooth one, with a good movie and a couple of episodes of NCIS.


They also served a descent breakfast on the plane.


I was met at the Wellington airport by another lovely friend and her two children. This lady knows exactly what I like, as this was waiting for me when we got back to the house;


She had visited her local library for me 🙂

As dinner time came around I had the pleasure of watching my hostess cook, setting the table was my task for the evening (she has been informed that I’m more than willing to take over the task). I also got a taste of one of my favorite New Zealand beers.



Now it’s couch chillin time 🙂

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