Down-under 2013

A kitchen borrowed

I had another sleep-in this morning so when I came out in the kitchen for my tea and toast brekkie, there was a fresh batch of hot-cross buns ready and waiting.



I pretty much spent the little that was left of the morning, reading my book. We did attempt a game however a couple of children turned out to be a tad bit distracting. So after enjoying an egg on toast lunch we headed of to the grocery store.




For me pak n save brings back memories from the old student days, when one of the flatmates with a car felt like driving the lot there for cheap groceries. The reason for it being cheaper is that you have to pack your goods yourself, piece of cake for someone from a country where you always have to pack yourself.

I also had to purchase yet another tube of toothpaste.


This one containing 80 rather than 110ml toothpaste, as I did the rookie mistake of putting the previously purchased toothpaste in my carry-on when going to NZ. As the container was more than 100 they threw it out. Amazingly enough I appear to be unable to do any damage with this;


Who would ever have thought that toothpaste was more dangerous than a razor!?!

I chose to walk back from the store and as a reward to myself when I got back, a hot-cross bun, glass of milk and a nice book.


Reading playing with children ans just chillin was all I did until dinner time. Then I took over the kitchen and cooked a yum salmon and noodles dinner.


Happily full I have moved to the tv room where I plan to spend the rest of the evening.

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