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Red curry salmon with cashew nuts

Tonight’s yum dinner is a simple yet filling dish.

~ 8x100g pieces of salmon, skin on
~ 1/4 cup red curry paste
~ 270g packet soba noodles
~ 1/2 cup dry roasted cashews
~ sesame seeds

For the salsa
~ 1 courtesy
~ 1/2 coriander bunch
~ 1/4 cup lime juice
~ 1 tablespoon fish sauce
~ curry paste or finely chopped red chili

One hour before you actually plan to start cooking you want to bring out the salmon and give it a good rub of your curry paste. Then leave it chilled until cooking time.


Fifteen minutes before you actually want to start cooking it’s time to prepare the salsa. Begin with finely chopping the courget.


Put it in a bowl and move on to the coriander, make sure you only chop up the leafy part.


Add to the same bowl as above and pour over the fish sauce, lime and chuck in the curry paste (or the chili if you prefer). Then let it hang out in the fridge with the salmon.


Now, finally, we are at the point where you want to start cooking. Start with the noodles, cook as per the instruction on the packaging. Once done toss in half of the salsa.

At some point here you want to chop up the nuts into small little pieces.


Heat a pan for the salmon, start frying on the side with the skin on. Leave in the pan four about three minutes, turn over and leave for another two.

Serve on a bed of noodles, sprinkle salsa, nuts and sesame seeds on top.


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