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Letter no 34


So, while enjoying the sun in Thailand the picture of letter no 34 reached me. Or at least the contents of it!

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Chicken stir-fry for one!

Before I went down-under I always thought that I didn’t like noodles, now after experimenting with new dishes while there, I realize that I do. So yesterday I decided to finally try out the new wok that I bought well over a month ago, my little one-person-wok.The WokFor today’s meal I used one chicken breast, a red bell pepper, a couple of handfuls of sugar peas. For seasoning I used my newly discovered fish sauce, some lime (in a jar), fresh coriander, white pepper and some ginger (also this one out of the jar).Veggies (2)Start by frying the chicken in the cure adorable little wok;The chickenWhile it is cooking away I start adding some fish sauce, lime, white pepper and ginger. Then once the chicken is cooked through I add the veggies,Veggies in WokIt’ looks so yummy! As this is cooking, I add some more of all the spices if I don’t think it tastes enough. After a few minutes, I don’t like my veggies cooked too much as I rather want them a bit crunchy. Right in the end, I add the fresh coriander.

While all this is going on, I boil the kettle and put my noodles in a bowl to pour the boiled water over and let stand for about five minutes. It’s kind of funny that the same noodle brand have different directions for how to cook the noodles in different countries. The above method is how I was directed to do it in Australia so I’m sticking with it.The noodlesOnce the noodles and the stir-fry are done, I add them together on a plate and eat! I loved it!The done deal

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Letter No 35

While we are waiting for a picture of letter no 34, here is letter no 35. This is a little something that I promised Miss Melbourne that I would send to her, now it’s on its way.No 35

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A back-up plan is taking shape

So the whole looking for work thing is going slow, and I happen to be a tad bit frustrated with the whole thing as I need to work! It’s not so much about the money than it is about being active, being social, and have something concrete to spend your days doing. I have dreams about working! The mornings I wake up from those dreams, I wake up happy!

So, if I can’t find someone smart enough to hire me I figured I just have to hire myself, piece of cake.

This morning is being spent (on the couch) making a financial and business plan, so I know what services to offer and how much I need to make in order to pay my bills at the end of the month. It’s going well, it’s strange how excited you can get over opening up an excel sheet, inputting numbers and calculations just to see how the numbers work out.

The main purpose of this not yet named company will be to help small business, probably mainly sole traders, with their bookkeeping and all the paperwork surrounding the lovely financial side of a business. I love doing that sort of thing, most people who start-up a small business wish it to hell, so me being able to save them is a win-win situation.

When you have your own company, you can do pretty much what you want in it, so I don’t only have to do the financial things, I figured that if I use that as my money-making scheme to pay my bills, then maybe I can squeeze in some catering on the side.

All I have to do now is find myself some customers…and keep applying for jobs!

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Automatic out of office reply

I’m not in the office (aka public library) today, instead I’m attending a seminar on how to start your own company.


You don’t have yo expect delays in any responses to messages that you might send, as I doubt I can keep away from my phone.

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My latest follower

Every time I get a new follower, I get happy! That’s simple because I appreciate that people want to read what I write. Not sure what I should feel about my latest follower;New FollowerThe funny part is that this app actually cost money! Whoever made it must make quite a buck on all us impulse spenders out there, I’m guessing that plenty of the people who are getting it, do it on an impulse! If you want to see their page, just follow this link.

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Letter for me!

So, even if I have been a tad bit bad at sending letters lately, I still receive some odd ones. This one was from my cousin sending me a thank you card for being at her daughters christening. Have to say that my cousin can be very well-behaved, as there are thank you cards sent after every event. I might have to admit right here and now, that I don’t think I ever sent a thank you card in my life.Letter for me