Down-under 2013

A teary eyed April fools

My hostess had another date with the gym this morning (she’s pretty awesome for sticking with it, me thinks) so I just took it easy.


Reading the Otago daily times, having a nice shower and doing some Japanese puzzles. Ten years ago today me and my friend picked my parents up at the Christchurch airport and drove the five hours to Dunedin, well she drove I didn’t have a license or a car. That evening we went to a concert and my parents went out for dinner, celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Today, ten years later due to a midnight decision after some gentle pushing from a friend, I find myself back in the same place and if life would have been different my parents would have celebrated their 35th wedding day. Life isn’t different though and my dad is still gone. It has been hard to not think of him, remembering, missing him. The weather was once again great and we decided to go seaside for lunch.


Since I am on vacation I enjoyed a glass of white with my fabulous warm beef salad at a rather posh place called pier 24. If you ever go, stay away from the dark-haired woman with glasses, she was absolutely horrendous and knew nothing of service.



Me and my hostess then moved on to re-do our 2004 new years celebration. That has been my only new years not celebrated in cold winter weather, me, my sister and my hostess went to our fav cafe metro for tea pots. So sis, happy poo year and this one is for you.



The same place also used to have $3 Heinekens, so we would go for some every now and then.


Going back to their house we enjoyed a nice pasta dinner.


The evening then spent on the sofa in front of their giant tv. I have booked a shuttle for the airport since tomorrow I start retracing my steps this far. The return towards home will then begin.

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