Down-under 2013

Market day

The beautiful weather returned yo Melbourne with me, so after breakfast we decided to head for a market.


St Andrews market celebrates 40 years this year and is around every Saturday during the summer.


There is a little bit of everything around, including a chai tent.


Horses for the kids to ride on.


Lunch, of course.


And the native flag.


It was a good few hours in the sun, and I was a good girl leaving without buying anything I didn’t need.

On our way home I stopped by the eltham library to get an internet boost. I will have to admit to missing my 24/7 access.

When I came home I found myself having an enormous chocolate craving. Do you remember this little dude?


For a little while it looked like this;


Now it’s all in my tummy.

All that fresh air and sun I was super tired and ready for bed at eight, so it was really nice that my hostess cooked a lamb stir-fry for dinner.


I spent the evening finishing yet another book, perfect vacation day.

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