Down-under 2013

A final day

Waking up this morning was done with mixed feelings. In one way I don’t want to go home in another way it’s going yo be nice to sleep in my own bed and put all the ideas that vacation brought, into action.


My first mission of the day was to get all of this into my suitcase.


After plenty of puzzling, all was in. I seriously questioned my ability to close the thing though.


I did! Kind if wished I had my shower after packing rather than before.


While I was doing that, my hostess was dropping of Mr Three-year-old of at his grandmother so we could have some grown-up time.

We went back to her oasis of a cafe for lunch. Yum, yum!


After the lovely alone time, we went to pick up Mr Three-year-old again and returned home. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent on me feeling sorry for myself because I have to go home, and just general babble. I did make one final dinner for the household, chicken stir-fry.


Getting into another expensive taxi (after two super hugs from the little guy) I made my way to the airport. The check-in lady was nice enough to ignore the five extra kilos in the bag I checked in, which we are happy about.

It also seem that the Aussie people have figured out that timtams are on of their biggest exports, as it’s now sold in the duty-free shops.


I’m now sitting at gate three waiting for boarding to begin, soon people (in another 24hrs) I will be back in the world of cold, Snow and 24/7 internet!

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